An Early Christmas

When we were preparing to get married, the pastor that was doing our ceremony asked me to name the one thing about Emily that I wanted her to know that I really liked that I didn’t want to change. Being the slow-thinking person that I am, I told him that I wanted her to know I didn’t want her to change anything about herself to match some version of her that she felt that I wanted her to be. It sounded good in my head and apparently good enough to him that he repeated it during our ceremony. It was a cop-out. I couldn’t think of anything. That’s not to say that there aren’t things about Emily that drive me crazy (in a good way), just that I’m not always good when put on the spot. What I should have said was her silliness. One of my favorite things about Us is that we’re silly – that we play and sing and dance and come up with silly stuff all the time.

What does this have with today’s post, you ask? Well, tonight we were sitting around the table enjoying dinner, listening to the Pink Martini Christmas album (Joy To The World…check it out…it’s amazing!) and I started boogying to a particularly energetic song. Sam, true to his Castillo heritage, started dancing along. That got us to thinking – wouldn’t it be great to get a video of Sam dancing in his high chair? Well, I had a pretty good idea that one of my presents included a tripod for my camera so we (I) decided to open a present a couple of days early so that we could set up the camera and then encourage him in a little chair dancing – and that is what we did.

Except it didn’t work. Once the camera was pointed at him, our little performer decided he’d much rather pay attention to his food, the cat, and just about anything other than the music and camera. Cest la vie.

Later, however, Sam decided that he’d follow our example in a little pre-Christmas present unwrapping. *this* we were able to get on camera, including the ensuing investigation and playtime:


2 thoughts on “An Early Christmas

  1. Carol just asked me to join Facebook.

    I can’t believe how big Sam has gotten!
    I’m a Facebook/ internet neophite (sp?). Don’t even know how to upload a picture and probably won’t use it much, but I’m so glad to be in touch with you, Dave & Emily.

    I spend at least 8 hours a day at a computer at work and hate to sit in front of one at home.


    from Aunt Barb

  2. Hahaha, Dave opened one of his gifts from us early, and Sam opened one of his gifts from us early. Why am I not surprised? Our girls admitted, when they got older, that they opened some of their gifts under the tree early too when they were younger, then rewrapped them so we wouldn’t know. I guess it runs in the family.
    Have a great Christmas, my loves!
    Huge hugs,

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