4 thoughts on “The Stocking

  1. it looks beautiful! I got one to make for Caleb this summer and it’s barely done. It’s harder and more time consuming than I thought. Maybe when he’s 6 or 7 it will be done! Have a great Christmas with everyone. Let’s try to talk sometime this weekend.

  2. That is a beautiful stocking Emily, and I know a lot of love was put into it! I made a stocking for Dave when he was a baby too. He gave it back to me when I moved to Italy so that we can hang it up during the holidays to remind us of him, wherever we are. (As if we could ever not be thinking of any of our children during the holidays. 🙂 And every time I look at it, it makes me smile and remember those special joys of past Christmas’. I’m sorry we missed being with you this year, but I treasure all your entries, and thank you so very much for what you have shared with us! We love you all, and you’re always in our thoughts and hearts!
    Love, Judy/Mom

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