Saying goodbye

Seattle Central’s childcare center is closing for good today. Sam and I attended a party there today. It was sad to say goodbye to some really wonderful people.


This is Aden, Sam’s lead teacher.  She’s unbelievably great.  She’s very loving with the children and plans really fun activities for them.  I love how attentive she has been with Sam.  She knows that he enjoys crafts, so she often takes the time to do extra crafts with him.  After Sam showed interest in books, she moved his naptime mat to the library area and let him take a book with him to bed every day.



This is Fowsia, an assistant teacher in Sam’s classroom.  It meant a lot to me that Fowsia was one of Sam’s teachers because she was taking one of my classes when I was pregnant with Sam.   She shared a lot of pregnancy advice with me before Sam was born.  I remember telling her that my baby kicked a lot after I ate Indian food.  She told me that it meant he didn’t like it and that if I didn’t stop eating chiles, he would be born with no hair!  Fowsia was really great with Sam.  She called him her “assistant teacher” because he liked to gather the other children up to read in the library.



imageThis lovely lady has a special place in Sam’s heart.  Sam had a hard time being dropped off at school for the first 2 months.  He started looking for this teacher every day.  If she was there, he held out his arms to her so that she could hold him while I left.  While he no longer needs that kind of comfort, I know she is still very special to him.  She is the only person I’ve ever seen him blow unsolicited kisses to.

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