This One Isn’t About Sam!!!

I felt that it was only fair to warn you – this post isn’t about Sam.

Last weekend we spent some time at Green Halloween in Issaquah with Sam and Emily’s Mom & Abdon. Our visit left us excited to buy a house so we made an appointment to see a real estate agent for today. We even set up a baby sitter for the day so that we could look at properties undistracted.

Until we got cold feet and realized that it would be better to not rush into buying a house. Since we had the babysitter already set up, though, we decided to make a date day of it.

We went to Petit Toulouse for brunch (YUM!!!!), we went hiking, and we got some incredible spicy coffee.

It was a GOOD day.

One thought on “This One Isn’t About Sam!!!

  1. It looks like you had a beautiful hike, and made good use of your new camera. These are some really beautiful pictures, and I’m glad you two had some time to enjoy yourselves. Kids are great, but spending time being just the two of you is important too. Huge hugs for you both! And kiss Sam for us!
    Love, Mom/Judy

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