We came across some stickers in a coloring book today, and Sam decided that they all needed to go onto his shirt!

Scenes from Thanksgiving

Assorted scenes from our Thanksgiving weekend:

Without Shame or Self-Consciousness

Well…maybe a little shame…

Many of you (you know who you are) have been asking us for Christmas present ideas for years and years. Every time, I scratch my head and struggle to come up with anything. Well, no longer! Emily and I have put together a couple of Amazon wish lists to make life easier for everybody. So with no further ado, here we are:

Dave’s Wishlist:
Emily’s Wishlist:
Sam’s List (which is really the baby registry but it makes it easy for us to both contribute to it):

Of course, the items on these lists range from stocking-stuffers to mid-life-crisis indulgences – please keep in mind that they¬†(mine, at least) are dream-lists too and don’t represent things that we fully expect to receive from folks.

Left to his own devices…

Emily was reading something on her computer and I was watching TV. Sam had ideas of his own on how to entertain himself.

This One Isn’t About Sam!!!

I felt that it was only fair to warn you – this post isn’t about Sam.

Last weekend we spent some time at Green Halloween in Issaquah with Sam and Emily’s Mom & Abdon. Our visit left us excited to buy a house so we made an appointment to see a real estate agent for today. We even set up a baby sitter for the day so that we could look at properties undistracted.

Until we got cold feet and realized that it would be better to not rush into buying a house. Since we had the babysitter already set up, though, we decided to make a date day of it.

We went to Petit Toulouse for brunch (YUM!!!!), we went hiking, and we got some incredible spicy coffee.

It was a GOOD day.