Assistant Teacher Sam

Sam had a tough transition to daycare. The first week was really bad. He cried a lot and was stressed out and stopped sleeping at night. I’m not sure if his unhappiness was the result of daycare, his oncoming croup, or the fact that his first molar was coming in. In any case, it was a hard week for all of us.

At first, I didn’t think this week was going to be any better. It was hard to drop him off on Monday and I left the childcare center thinking that we were making a big mistake. Just a few hours later, though, when Dave picked him up, Sam was running around the room, shouting, and having a ton of fun. Tuesday seemed to be another good day, so things are looking up.

Today I heard great things from his teachers when I dropped him off. They all remarked about his love of books. He apparently took a book with him to his cot yesterday at nap time. At some point in the afternoon, he also gathered several of his classmates together, pulled them over to the bookcase and got them to sit down. He handed each of them a book, then chose one for himself, sat down, and started “reading” it out loud. My teacher’s heart is swelling with pride!

2 thoughts on “Assistant Teacher Sam

  1. You have many reasons to be proud of your son. But you’re right. This is a very special one! Give Sam a big hug for us! Grandma Judy

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