The Castillos Sample Bee-Bim Bop

Delicious bee-bim bopAfter reading about bee-bim bop all weekend, Dave decided it sounded pretty good.   He followed the handy recipe in the back of Sam’s book.  Bee-bim bop consists of rice, spinach, carrots, bean sprouts, beef, & egg.  It was great!  We’ll definitely be making it again.

Sam wanted to help cook, so we gave him some dry beans and a spoon.  He had fun pouring the beans from bowl to bowl, as you can see in the video below.

This is a boy who enjoyed his dinner

3 thoughts on “The Castillos Sample Bee-Bim Bop

  1. That’s so cute! It’s great that he is doing that activity. That was one of the montessori activities when Caleb was there for a day. He is very curious and super cute!!

  2. We had so much fun looking at this video that I’ve watched it over and over again. It’s especially fun to hear mom and dad laughing in the background when Sam tries to pour the beans on the floor. You’re such a wonderful family! Thank you for sharing these fun times with us.
    Grandma Judy

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