Favorite Things




These pictures were taken just after Sam’s unfortunate rugburn incident a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post them.  As you can see, our baby has turned into a little boy.  All of a sudden, he seems to understand everything we say.  He can use a few more words (he now uses dada, mama, banana, cracker, dog, down, this, and that).  It’s fun to see his personality come out.  This little boy is crazy about rocks, sticks, digging in the sand, stuffed animals, and books.  Sam’s favorite book at the moment is Funny Farm by Mark Teague, which has funny pictures of a little dog family doing farm chores.  What Sam loves more than anything, though, is helping out around the house.  He wants to sweep the floor, put clothes into the washing machine, move clothes to the dryer, and help fix dinner.

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