A Saturday Adventure

Dave was a little sick today and needed some rest, so Sam & I took a little adventure.  We took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island to visit some old friends–Sam’s former NICU roommates!  We spent the day on their beautiful farm overlooking the Sound.  We enjoyed the animals (especially the chickens), played at the beach, and had a lovely picnic. I unfortunately didn’t get any shots at the farm, but these were taken on the ferry.  Today was pretty warm, but it’s always cold and windy on the ferry, hence the jacket.

Summer in Seattle

Far be it for me to complain, but it would appear as though we already got our summer – last weekend – that’s it.

Fortunately for Sam, we took the opportunity to walk down to the Seattle Center. He wasn’t really sure about the International Fountain and certainly didn’t want to approach it himself. That being said, Sam had a great time! He particularly enjoyed running around in the grass near the fountain.

Zombie Baby

Every 4th of July, people in Seattle dress up like zombies for Red, White, & Dead.  If we ever decide to do it, we won’t bother with make-up.  We’ll just feed him some beets!


Clean up!

It’s time to get this kid to work!  Sam has started to do his first chores.  He “helped” mommy cook dinner last night by standing at the counter and eating the cheese I had grated. He’s learning how to clean up before he goes to bed, though I think he has only successfully put away 2 of his toys after a week of clean-up times.  And, finally, he plays with the Swiffer duster, which actually does result in some shelves being dusted!


Sam got this awesome backpack for his birthday, but hasn’t used it yet. Now that it’s summer, we’ve decided to make it his swim bag. It’s stocked with a towel, swimsuit, and water shoes. We took a trip to the Greenlake wading pool this morning, so Sam tried it on for the first time. As you can see, he had a little trouble balancing with it!