Sam & Ari

One of the highlights of our trip was introducing Sam to his cousins!  We met up at a skating rink for skating and arcade games.  Sam was especially taken with his big cousin, Ari.  She was really good at playing with him!

Sam’s Time In Phoenix – Part Two

More pics from Sam’s week in Phoenix


Father’s Day 2011


I wrote this on the airplane on the way home, but I guess I forgot to post it!

Father’s Day finds us traveling home from Phoenix. We weren’t lucky enough to score a seat for Sam this time, so Sam chose to snuggle up with his Daddy for a nap. I think Daddy liked it!

We celebrated father’s day with Dave’s dad on Thursday with a trip to a pottery painting shop. Sam was a good sport about putting his handprints onto our dishes!

This morning we shared a father’s day brunch with Abdon and Mike before heading out to the airport.

The Wedding

Okay, I know that Robbie and Katrina didn’t get married just to provide me with photo-shooting opportunities with Sam but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth!?

Sam in Wonderland

Our time here in Phoenix has been wonderful. Sam has absolutely loved his time with the Bradshaw/Navarro/Adam families and has thrived under all of the attention. He has turned into such a ham! The following are a number of photos from the days leading up to the wedding (wedding photos to come later…)

Sam’s First Flight

I’ve been dreading our flight to Phoenix for a while now. I’ve had visions of the worst baby meltdowns that I’ve witnessed in the past, amplified by my fears. Instead, though, Sam was a dream. Of course, he wanted to get down, move around, and investigate his surroundings, but once he realized that moving around a lot wasn’t an option, he settled into the flight and started to enjoy himself. Ultimately he ended up dropping of and going to sleep, but not before he had a chance to enjoy the scenery!