A Chip off the old Block

One of the most clear memories I have of my formative years was going to the library and checking out VHS tapes of nature documentaries. I particularly loved the series of videos narrated by David Attenborough. I can easily credit him with my early desire to become a wildlife conservationalist (until exposed to the tedium of being a true scientist in college!). Last week I downloaded the Planet Earth series on our XBox – I thought it might be fun to watch while Emily taught in the evening. I also hoped that Sam would enjoy it, but in the same way that I hoped that Sam would enjoy the big kid’s book with the crazy involved plot that he has ignored from the moment that we showed it to him. Well, from the moment that he noticed the animals, he has been captivated. It has now become an afternoon routine that we’ll sit down and watch 15-20 minutes of an episode together. Sam particularly likes dogs/wolves/foxes, any kind of cat, and elephants. He is particularly unimpresed with bears and anything underwater. I know it’s silly to expect that it’ll turn into a lifetime passion, but a father can hope, can’t he?

Sam watching the nature show with mommy

2 thoughts on “A Chip off the old Block

  1. If you look at the picture closely, you’ll notice that his pointing finger is out and ready to point at the first exciting animal to grab his attention!

  2. I remember watching nature shows when our kids were little too. It was one of my favorite times together as well. Such wonder in Sam’s expression as he experiences these new things with you! You’re wonderful parents and Sam is a very blessed little boy. Thank you for sharing these wondeful moments with us. Love, Mom

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