Children’s Museum

Sam in his stylish skinny jeans

A few months back, Sam’s physical therapist predicted that Sam would be walking by 10 months adjusted.  Well, that’s just a little over a week away now, and no walking yet! Sam can walk while holding onto furniture or our hands, but when it comes to getting from one place to another, he’d rather crawl. It’s faster!  That all changed today at the Children’s Museum.   He looked a little intimidated in those first few minutes at the museum. All of the bigger kids were running around, and he just sat and watched them for awhile.  After that, he was ready t0 practice walking.  We walked everywhere in the museum.  He’d point to something he wanted to see, and we’d walk over to it together.  We took a break from walking to make some playdoh (which he LOVED!)  Now we’re back home, and I’m looking forward to a nice, long afternoon nap!

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