Sam’s Big Boy Room

Along with Sam’s birthday comes an exponential drop in his SIDS risk. Today Sam got his very own bedroom. Say goodbye to the Baby Closet and hello to the Big Boy Room!!!


Resistance is Futile

When we first moved here, we told all of our friends and coworkers that we loved the cold and wet. Needless to say, they looked at us like we were crazy. Likewise, we thought that it was crazy that Seattlites go into a self-imposed hibernation between October and April – much in the same way as Phoenicians do from April to October (hmm…interesting). Well, having a kid changes things. Being limited in our activities with Sam brought out the inner Seattlite in us and we started going stir crazy. Today was different, though. It was 50 degrees! So, along with all of the early season folks, we bundled up the kid and ran to the beach. Sam LOVED it! With the possible exception of the mouthful of sand he managed to sneak when both Emily and I were looking away – the jury is still out on that.

Sam’s New Favorite Thing

Emily has made reference to it, but Sam’s new favorite activity is emptying the bottom shelves of all books, dvds, games, and whatever else might be in reach. It’s cute when you look at pictures, but it’s really rather vexing to have a 1 year old following around after you and undoing all of your hard work immediately upon completion. That being said, he was VERY proud of the cards he found today:

Making a Mess

This is one of Sam’s favorite things to do.


Sam just had his last dose of Synagis.  Synagis is a drug that protects babies from RSV.  Everybody gets RSV, and it is usually no big deal.  When most kids and adults get it, it looks like a common cold.  We probably don’t even see a doctor when we get it.  However, RSV can hit preemies really hard.  Preemies with RSV are often hospitalized.  RSV is the reason we decided not to travel by air anywhere this winter.  A nurse has been coming to our house once a month to give Sam 2 big shots–one in each leg.  The first few months were not so hard.  Sam cried after the first shot but calmed down while she prepared for the second shot.  Then Sam’s memory improved.  For the last two months, he’s been really upset after the first shot.  He’ll calm down, but he sees her preparing the next shot and he knows what’s coming.  It’s sad.  Our visiting nurse was really great with Sam.  As great as she was though, we won’t miss those shots!