Teeth on the Way

Enjoy this picture of Sam’s gummy smile.  It may be the last time you see it!  Sam has two teeth coming in.  We can see them coming up!  Unfortunately, this means that no one in the Castillo home has gotten much sleep this week.   Sam has been waking up several times each night, and on one occasion decided not to go back to sleep at all.  I had to take him downstairs at 3 am and let him play until he got tired again.  Ugh!

In other news, we think Sam might be using his first word.  It’s really hard to tell.  He’s been saying “ma ma” for awhile, usually when he’s upset.  Last week he used it while reading one of our favorite books, Little Pea.  When I turned the page to a picture of Mama Pea telling Little Pea a story, Sam pointed at Mama Pea and said “ma ma”.   It was very exciting, but it could be just a big coincidence.  How do people know what their babies’ first words are?

Here’s a picture of Sam playing one of his favorite games.  He loves to sit under his blanket and giggle while we “look” for him.

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