Sippy Cup Time

Sam is making some big strides in his feeding skills this week!  I’ve been absolutely terrified about feeding him any kind of finger foods.  Before this week, I had given him some puffs a few times (those are kind of like cheerios, but they melt away quickly  in the mouth).  He’d suck a little, then gag, and finally cough them up.  Terrifying!

Sam has to learn eventually, though, so I did a mental review of our infant CPR course and put some puffs on his high chair tray this week.  He gummed them down with no problems and had fun picking them up himself and dropping them into his mouth.  Next, we tried teething biscuits, which he LOVES!  Today he had some small pieces of bananas.  A whole new world of food possibilities has just opened up.

And, as if that weren’t enough, Sam has now figured out how to use a sippy cup!  Our baby is growing into a toddler!

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