The Newest Trick

Sam is getting better and better at crawling.  He loves being crawling around the house and getting into things, especially our mixing bowls!  He’s not content with his newfound mobility, however.  It’s time to stand!  Sam has been hard at work mastering this pose for the last few days.

We saw Sam’s physical therapist on Tuesday, and she says his shoulders and neck look great!  We’ll have to go back a couple of months after Sam starts walking so that she can make sure he’s moving “well”, but we are free for now!

Preemies sure do get a lot of attention.  In addition to his pediatrician, Sam has had a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a neonatologist, a home care nurse, and a nutritionist.   This means we’ve had amazing support.  We’ve gotten regular input from professionals about just about everything regarding baby care and development.  All new parents should be so lucky!  The downside is that we’ve had a ton of appointments and, often, too many voices regarding Sam’s care.  I’ve felt jealous of other parents at times because it seems that they get to make decisions for their children without consulting with specialists.  Thankfully, every one of the specialists is now happy with his development, so Sam’s health care team has been whittled down to his pediatrician and home care nurse (she gives him his RSV shots).