Grandma Castillo’s Visit

Dave’s parents scheduled a trip to Seattle on the weekend before Christmas.  Unfortunately, a crazy snowstorm left Dave’s dad stuck in a London hotel for about a week, so we didn’t get to see him!  We all had a very nice time with Grandma Castillo, though.  We made chocolates, played at Zoomazium, and Sam had his first chance to open up some of those gifts he’s been so interested in the last few weeks.

Grandma, Sam, & Dave at Zoomazium

One thought on “Grandma Castillo’s Visit

  1. Happy Christmas and New Year! I love your holiday pics and Sam looked adorable and so happy. I also just read your post about geocaching—I’d heard the word before but didn’t know anything about it. Sounds intriguing (and romantic—if you “just happen” to find an engagement ring!). See you next MOPS!

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