A Delicious Experiment

As previously mentioned, this year, Emily and I decided to gift each other with a confection-making class at our local artisan chocolateer, Theo Chocolates. We had a great time making peanut butter pralines, truffles, and mendiants. The original impetus for this was an experiment that I attempted last year. Theo makes these wonderful treats called Big Daddies. They’re a large marshmallow and graham cracker sandwiching a layer of caramel all dipped in chocolate.

They’re sublime.

I got it into my head that I could make it myself so I bought graham crackers, made my own caramel (burned) and marshmallows, dipped the combination in melted chocolate, and called them Burnt Caramel Smores. They were wonderful but they suffered from one tragic flaw – I knew nothing of tempering chocolate so they melted the moment you touched them and were generally pretty difficult to eat. Fast forward a year and Emily thought this would be a fun way to learn to temper chocolate and learn how to make some yummy treats.

It worked very well.

The pictures here are of my second attempt at caramel smores (not burnt this time around…and perhaps lacking for it) as well as our first home-based attempt at truffles. It’s hard to say that this round of chocolates was anything but an unqualified success – we’re happily enjoying the fruits of our labor. Of course, there are things we’ll do differently next time, but all in all, we’re very pleased!

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