So Much to Tell

We’ve had a few milestones this week.

1.  Sam came down with his first cold.  It was very mild.  He”s still got the sniffles, but he’s doing fine otherwise.

2.  Sam turned 9 months yesterday!  Wow!

3.  This morning another mom at Stroller Strides asked me how old Sam is, and I actually said 9 months!  Even better, she didn’t think anything was amiss about my answer!  I’ve been giving his adjusted age all of this time, but now that Sam is getting bigger and acting like an older baby I think it may be time to start acknowledging that he was, in fact, born in February.

3.  Sam went to a high-risk infant clinic today.  It is routine for very premature infants to go to the clinic to make sure they aren’t “falling through the cracks”.   The neonatologist we met with today is the same poor guy who had to get out of bed around 1 am on the morning of February 16th to attend Sam’s birth.  We also met with one of Sam’s old nurse practitioners.  I really only had 2 questions I wanted answered:  1. Could Sam have Cerebral Palsy?  and 2.  When do we get to treat our baby like a normal kid?  The answers are no, definitely not and after this winter.  The only prematurity-related issue we need to worry about is sickness.  Preemies don’t handle illnesses very well.

4.  We caught up with one of Sam’s old roomies!  As we were leaving the clinic today we ran into baby Tsion and her parents.  Tsion was a precious 24-weeker who shared a room with Sam for about a month in the ISCU.  Now she is HUGE, healthy, strong, and completely beautiful.  I’ve often wondered about this little girl, so it was a really great blessing to see her and hear about how well she’s doing.  These former micropreemies are amazing, aren”t they?

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