On the Move

One of the things I love about being a parent is seeing our boy go through so many changes.  It’s fascinating to watch him practice and learn how to grab an object, sit up, make noises, and move around.  There’s so much to learn!  Sam’s been very busy in the last few weeks.  He tries his best to go without food and sleep so that he can keep playing as long as possible.  When he does eat, he is easily distracted by all of the interesting things to look at around the room.  Forget about feeding him when people are around.  I’ve decided it’s not possible!  He wants to be in on the action all of the time.

The most exciting development this week is that Sam has learned to scoot himself backwards!  He’s getting up on his hands and knees and pushing himself backwards.  That probably means that crawling is not far into our future, so we’re going to spend our weekend baby-proofing the house.  Don’t you wish you were here to help?

Let the Learning Begin!

Or at least continue.  Obviously, Sam’s been learning a lot in the last few months!

I broke out Sam’s first set of flashcards today.  He spent a lot of time “studying” them (by “studying” I mean looking at the pictures, laughing at the animal sounds I made, and trying to fit the cards into his mouth).

The Letter P is Tasty!