A Banner Day

Warning:  This post contains some shameless bragging about our son.  We thought hard about not posting this, but it’s too exciting not to share!

We spent some time at Swedish Hospital today.  We swung by the NICU to visit one of Sam’s former nurses, and then we went to his final evaluation by the physical therapy department. Before I reveal how that went, we need to review just a bit.  Sam was born in February, making him about 8 months old.  However, he was due in May, so developmentally, he is 5 months old.  Preemies DO catch up to their actual ages, but it takes about 2 years.  When the physical therapists evaluate him, they evaluate him as a 5 month old, not an 8 month old.

Okay, the physical therapist conducted a developmental test to find out how Sam is doing with his cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skills.  Mostly, the test involves giving him items to play with and putting him on the floor to see how he moves.  Sam completely blew the P.T. away.  In fact, she told us that of the thousands of preemies she’s worked with, she has never seen a preemie this advanced for his adjusted age.  Sam now has the fine motor skills of a 6 month old and the cognitive and gross motor skills of a 7 month old.   This means Sam is closing the gap between his adjusted and actual ages much more quickly than we expected.  The P.T. also gave us the green light on solid food.  More on that later.

We did get some bad-ish news at the evaluation, too.  Sam now has a strong preference for turning to the left because the muscles between his shoulder and neck are very tight.  This can turn into some big problems if not addressed right away, so we have exercises to do with him and he is now officially a physical therapy patient.

Now about the solid food!  Sam is VERY interested in food.  He watches us closely when we eat and tries to grab our food, so it’s time to start eating!  Sam’s first food was acorn squash, and he did great!  He probably ate 5-6 spoonfuls.  It’s not very exciting, but we did record it for you.

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