First Overnight Trip!

This weekend we filled up our little car with a crapload of Sam’s gear and drove to Whidbey Island for a friend’s wedding.  Sam had his first roadtrip, hotel stay, and wedding all in one weekend!  Sam traveled better than we could have imagined.  He was cheerful and calm for almost the entire weekend.  A future world-traveler perhaps?

The wedding was completely beautiful.  We had a lot of fun.  Sam was dressed up in his new sweater-vest, which looked pretty gross at the end of the day thanks to his minor spit-ups.  (Next time he won’t be wearing black).  Sam enjoyed all of the extra attention from friends and was kind enough to fall asleep during the ceremony.

We meant to take a family picture at the wedding but forgot. So instead, here is a picture of Sam’s new high chair.  Sam won’t be trying any solid foods until after he sees his Occupational Therapist in November, so he doesn’t actually need this yet.  However, dinner time has become difficult in the Castillo home lately.  Sam wants to eat when we eat (he usually waits until food is being served onto plates before demanding to be fed).  We drop everything to feed him, but then he doesn’t want to be put down after his bottle so that we can eat our cold food.  We’re hoping that he’ll be happier sitting at the table where he can be part of dinner.  We haven’t had any dinners in the high chair yet, but I discovered this morning that Sam is happy to sit in it while I get some work done as long as I tell him about everything I’m writing.  He’s very interested in learning how to guess the meanings of new vocabulary words from their contexts as long as it is said in the right tone of voice.  If only my students were so easy to please…

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