First Playdate

Playing on His Mat

Sam enjoyed his first playdate yesterday!  We met up with two beautiful baby girls and their mom for a visit at their house and a trip to the park.  We met this family at the ISCU several months ago, and it was the first opportunity to see them since everyone’s been home.  We had a great time!  I think Sam liked seeing some other babies–he spent quite a bit of time staring at them.  He also enjoyed their toys and playmat.  He especially liked to look at the toys hanging over their playmat, so we decided it was time to set his out as well.  We haven’t been putting Sam flat on his back much at all since he developed GER, but it seems like he’s able to tolerate it better than he once did.

I was interested to see how parents manage twins since one baby is sometimes more than I can handle!  I’ve decided that parents of twins deserve some sort of medal.

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