The Big Test

Sam took his first standardized test yesterday!  The physical therapy department at Swedish Hospital likes to keep a close eye on preemies’ development, and Sam had his first follow-up appointment with an occupational therapist.  He really turned on the charm for her.  He was all smiles for the hour-long test.

The OT tested Sam’s motor skills and cognitive development to see if he is meeting the benchmarks for his adjusted age (2 months).  She put him on his belly to see if he could lift his head, put him on his back to see how he moved his legs, showed him pictures, and checked his response to sounds.  He went above and beyond, even showing her how he’s working on rolling over.  (He’s only done it successfully twice but he’s still trying).

The results were great.  Sam is on target for gross motor skills and ahead of his adjusted age for cognitive and fine motor skills.  The test results don’t matter much…we can see for ourselves that Sam is acting like a normal baby.  Still, it is nice to know for sure that his development is moving along at a good pace.  It was also great to talk through some concerns with the OT.  I had been worried that he wasn’t getting enough tummy time because he starts crying and throwing up after a few minutes on his belly.  The OT suggested some ways to help him, but they were all things that we’ve already been doing.  Other than adding a couple of exercises to strengthen Sam’s neck and abdominal muscles, the OT recommended that we keep doing what we’re doing.  Sam will have one more appointment with the OT in 4 months.

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