Over the weekend, we were thrilled when this big guy slept for 7 hours straight.  Last night he slept for almost 9 hours straight!  He woke up happy and surprisingly sleepy.

I think we may be about to rejoin the ranks of well-rested adults.  Can’t wait!

What Fresh Hell Is This???

Sam slept through the night last night.

Okay, that’s not completely true, but I think any new parents out there would count it just as much as we have. Sam started his last feeding before going down for the night at 9:00. We were woken at 4:00 to a VERY hungry child. That’s 7 hours, folks! I’d say that counts as a full night’s sleep; it’s exciting that maybe we might be coming to a point in our lives where only one person has to get up in the middle of the night and we can trade interrupted nights of sleep instead of just trading off the more unpleasant of the middle-of-the-night care times.

So, from whence the title of this blog, you ask? Well, just when we start to have light at the end of the tunnel in regards to sleepless nights, Sam had developed the distressing tactic of resisting sleep. Always before he would take a feeding and go into Food Coma, a deep and undisturbed sleep from which he would rouse only with difficulty. Now, though, he fights to stay awake – he thrashes, he cries, he sucks his fist – all in the battle to resist the silken succor of a restful sleep. He’ll fuss and object to any and everything only to drop off in Emily’s arms as she swings him in the air (no baby can resist the power of the Emily swing!). Heaven forbid she tries to put him down or even take a break by sitting down on the couch, though!

I had heard from other parents that, just as you get a handle on one thing, babies (and the people they turn into) throw a curveball and you move into a different new hell. The reality of that is beginning to dawn on me with terrible clarity.

First Playdate

Playing on His Mat

Sam enjoyed his first playdate yesterday!  We met up with two beautiful baby girls and their mom for a visit at their house and a trip to the park.  We met this family at the ISCU several months ago, and it was the first opportunity to see them since everyone’s been home.  We had a great time!  I think Sam liked seeing some other babies–he spent quite a bit of time staring at them.  He also enjoyed their toys and playmat.  He especially liked to look at the toys hanging over their playmat, so we decided it was time to set his out as well.  We haven’t been putting Sam flat on his back much at all since he developed GER, but it seems like he’s able to tolerate it better than he once did.

I was interested to see how parents manage twins since one baby is sometimes more than I can handle!  I’ve decided that parents of twins deserve some sort of medal.

Smile for the Camera!

Sam in his Awesome Firetruck Bib (made by mommy)

It used to be really hard to catch Sam’s smiles in pictures.  He’d be all smiles until the camera came out.  That all changed this week.  I have no idea why, but he’s suddenly smiling whenever we take the camera out!  Maybe it’s all of the attention he’s getting?

I’m thrilled because we’re getting some beautiful pictures like these!

Me & My Boy

Growing Boy

This big guy is almost 12 pounds!  I can’t believe how big he looks now.  His newborn clothes are starting to look a little tight and short, which means we finally get to dip into his adorable 3 month clothes!

What to Expect the First Year says that babies can sleep through the night once they hit 11 pounds.  We’re not there yet, but there are signs that Sam is getting ready to do it.   For a long time he had been waking up at 2 am and 5 am.  He still wakes up somewhere between 2 and 4, but he is beginning to sleep a little later in the morning now.  There was actually one night this week when I got to sleep for 10 hours straight!  I was beat, so I went to bed at 8 pm.  My wonderful husband got up with him at 2ish, and then Sam didn’t wake me up until 6.  It’s so nice to feel rested!

The Big Test

Sam took his first standardized test yesterday!  The physical therapy department at Swedish Hospital likes to keep a close eye on preemies’ development, and Sam had his first follow-up appointment with an occupational therapist.  He really turned on the charm for her.  He was all smiles for the hour-long test.

The OT tested Sam’s motor skills and cognitive development to see if he is meeting the benchmarks for his adjusted age (2 months).  She put him on his belly to see if he could lift his head, put him on his back to see how he moved his legs, showed him pictures, and checked his response to sounds.  He went above and beyond, even showing her how he’s working on rolling over.  (He’s only done it successfully twice but he’s still trying).

The results were great.  Sam is on target for gross motor skills and ahead of his adjusted age for cognitive and fine motor skills.  The test results don’t matter much…we can see for ourselves that Sam is acting like a normal baby.  Still, it is nice to know for sure that his development is moving along at a good pace.  It was also great to talk through some concerns with the OT.  I had been worried that he wasn’t getting enough tummy time because he starts crying and throwing up after a few minutes on his belly.  The OT suggested some ways to help him, but they were all things that we’ve already been doing.  Other than adding a couple of exercises to strengthen Sam’s neck and abdominal muscles, the OT recommended that we keep doing what we’re doing.  Sam will have one more appointment with the OT in 4 months.