Sleepy Time

Sampa and Kathy left today.  I know baby Sam will miss them.  He enjoyed making faces at Sampa every morning, and Kathy made him laugh every time she talked to him!

Sam is getting to be a real morning person.  He’s extra cheerful and smiley in the morning.  He’s awake much more during the day than he used to be, though he still gets a lot of nap time.  He looks so sweet when he’s sleeping!  It’s hard to believe that just moments after this photo was taken, he woke up screaming like he was being poked with a dozen needles.  It sucks to be that hungry…

Sampa & Kathy Visit Samlet

Sampa & Samlet

My dad and Kathy are finishing up their visit here with us.  It’s gone by too fast!  We’ve appreciated having two more sets of hands here to hold and feed our little guy, especially when we got to go out for a date!  It was so nice to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a leisurely dinner without interruption.  We even caught a movie!  Now if we could only get some of Sam’s grandparents to move here to Seattle, we could have LOTS of date nights!

This week has been filled with new experiences for Sam.  He went to a picnic at Gasworks Park, watched the boats at Chittenden Locks, saw some salmon making their way into Lake Washington, went to the Experience Music Project, and did some people watching at the Seattle Center (it was the day of the pride parade, which makes for GREAT people watching).

Truth be told, Sam slept through most of his new experiences, though he did perk up quite a bit when we stopped to listen to a Jimi Hendrix performance.  He looked a little confused at first, and then excited.  Maybe we have a little music lover?

Samlet & Kathy

It’s fun to take our little boy out to see and experience new things.  I’m always surprised at how tired he is at the end of our outings.  It seems like he’s doing nothing–just sleeping and being carried around–but his little brain must be very active processing all the different sights, smells, and sounds.

This last week helped me realize how lucky we are to be raising a kid in Seattle.  There is so much to see and do here.  He’s going to love doing all of these things again when he’s big enough to enjoy them!

Sam’s New Bib

I’ve been getting crafty!  Sam goes through bibs like crazy, so I’m making some new ones for him.  Here’s the first one, done just in time for the big game on Saturday.  I think he likes it!

Definitely a Cold-Weather Baby

Look at our little guy!  I love it that he has a muffin top and rolls of fat on his arms and legs.

We all got a little overheated on an outing yesterday afternoon.  It was beautiful outside, but we ran into some traffic problems on the way home and couldn’t seem to cool off the car despite cranking up the A/C all the way.  Sam cried most of the way home because he was way too hot.  It’s hard to get any air circulating in his rear-facing car seat.

I felt like the biggest wimp on earth when we looked at the weather report last night and learned that the high had been 74 degrees.  That’s a cool day in Phoenix!   It made me wonder how Phoenicians take their babies anywhere during the 9 months of the year that are uncomfortably hot there.

He Rolled!

Our little guy rolled over for the first time today!  He rolled from his tummy to his back. He didn’t like being on his back AT ALL.  I picked him up to calm him down, then put him back on his tummy, at which point he started to work on rolling over again.

It’s fun to see our boy changing so much every day!

Speech Therapy Graduate

Sam met up with his speech therapist yesterday, and she decided that he’s doing so well with his feedings that she doesn’t need to see him anymore!  It’s another graduation for little Sam!

It’s fun to take Sam back to the hospital and hear everyone say that he looks bigger than he did a couple of weeks ago.   He’s a happy baby and he’s getting bigger and bigger.  It’s great to see him thriving like this!

Sam’s New Wedge

As you know, Sam has had some reflux problems. We’d been working hard to find a way to get Sam safely sleeping at an incline, with not-so-great results. We’re hoping our problems are solved now thanks to a custom-made wedge built by the occupational therapy department at Swedish hospital!

You can see that Sam’s new wedge is pretty heavy-duty. It is made out of foam and it has a seat in it so that Sam won’t slide down. Best of all, it fits both Sam’s crib and his pack and play!