Biggest Sports Fan Photo Contest

Swedish Hospital is having a cutest baby photo contest! There are 6 categories: most adorable moment, first birthday, trick-or-treat, I love my pet, craziest hair day, and biggest sports fan.

Now, Sam is completely adorable and would definitely win if this were a cutest baby contest. However, this is a cutest baby photo contest. To make things a little more challenging, Sam has not had his first birthday, has never celebrated halloween, and doesn’t have much hair to speak of. He does have a pet, but she’s not crazy about him at this point in time. That leaves most adorable moment and biggest sports fan.

So we dressed Sam up in his new Sounders jersey (thanks Grandma & Grandpa Castillo!) and snapped some photos. These are the two we chose for the entry. What do you think?

If you want to see Sam’s competition, you can check it out here:

4 thoughts on “Biggest Sports Fan Photo Contest

  1. I like the one on the left because he looks so coy! He’s totally mugging for the camera.

    Sam definitely has my vote for cutest baby . . . can I vote and/or sway the outcome in any way?

  2. I checked out Sam’s competition and there’s no doubt that he’s the cutest baby!!
    And yay for Sam’s progress graduating from the work with the speech therapist! Way to go, Sam!

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