Sleeping on a Ramp

A few weeks ago, I’d have looked at this picture and cried, “danger! danger!” We all know that babies are supposed to go to sleep on their backs in an empty crib–no blankets, no bumpers, no stuffed animals, no positioners, no pillows. Now that Sam is a GER baby, we’re having to let go of some of those rules.

Sam’s pediatrician suggested that we get him a wedge to sleep on in his crib. The problem is, the ones we’ve seen either look dangerous or are such a gentle incline that they won’t help at all. Since that won’t work, we decided to play around with Sam’s Pack and Play. First, we elevated his head by putting some pillows under one end of the pack and play mattress. The result? Sam scooted himself to the bottom of the mattress, somehow turning himself sideways in the process. We decided we needed a positioner to keep him from rolling or slumping to the side. After a few minutes with the positioner, we found him with his head deep down inside his swaddle. (Not safe!) The positioner kept him from moving to the side, but not from sliding down. Today we added some books at his feet to keep him from sliding down. It’s working so far, but we won’t be moving his pack and play up to the bedroom anytime soon. We’re more comfortable leaving him like this when we can peek in at him regularly

One thought on “Sleeping on a Ramp

  1. He looks really cute here! I talked to my friend Jill, and she said that she had several friends whose babies had GER. They said it took about a week for the medicine to kick in 100%. One person didn’t even know what the problem was – she just thought babies cried when they weren’t sleeping (sounds miserable). It took her a week to realize maybe non-stop crying was a problem. They also got some special wedge thing. Jill said to please email her with any questions – she knows so many new moms that even if her baby (Edie) didn’t have the issue, she knows people who’ve gone through it. Her email is

    I hope everything is getting better and better. Even though you guys looked tired, you seemed really adept at parenting!! I was so impressed by how much you could intuit about Sam, and how you could interpret what these little signs meant. Even if you don’t feel confident, you and Dave both seem super confident and capable to me! I was very impressed. And Sam is just getting cuter and cuter.

    I know you guys are busy with family, but if you want a gym date or whatever, I’m free. We also saw the babies movie, and I think the two of you would like it.

    Thinking of you!

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