Who said life should be fair?

It’s almost 1:00am. Sam has been home almost two days now. Hours of sleep thus far? 3.

Yes, I know, I have a newborn baby – I shouldn’t expect sleep.

Well, who asked you? As it turns out, our newly released child has a nasty case of GER (gastroesophical reflux). Last night we didn’t know that – we just thought he was being fussy ALL NIGHT LONG. Tonight we figured out our poor baby boy wasn’t being contrary or demanding – he simply had the reasonable expectation that, once he swallowed his milk, it would stay down. Not too much to ask, but apparently his body isn’t on the same page.

So we’re trying an experiment tonight. We changed back all of the things we’ve done since we got home (since he didn’t have this problem in the ISCU). We’ve put him back in pampers disposable, we’re making his formula from the premixed liquid, and he only gets 30ml of food at each feeding. He’s also sleeping partially upright.

That last one was the hardest to sort out how to do but a little judicious research online found that many reflux sufferers sleep best in their car seat so I decided to try that out as well.

The result? He has been sleeping out of our arms for 1 1/2 hours without a single regurgitation event. It may not sound impressive, but he hasn’t been able to spend more than 10 minutes out of our arms since 4 this afternoon (when we figured all of this out).

I may just get to sleep tonight after all.

One thought on “Who said life should be fair?

  1. Belle had GER- we had her sleeping in the baby swing! Hopefully Sam will settle in and his will be temporary- if not, we know a few tricks if you need ideas. Congrats on the homecoming!

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