Caringbridge Update

Sam continues his campaign of shock and awe.

The nurses have consistently set the expectation that Sam should feed every 3 hours and complete a full feed of 85ml. The little guy, on the other hand feels that after eating 50-65ml, he’s good. To meet the nurses expectations we have had to push our little Samole to finish his feeds, fearing that we might not earn the privilege to go home otherwise. As a result, we’ve been stimulating him so that he wakes up enough to continue feeding. We twist the bottle in his mouth, pull the nipple out a little, adjust him in our laps, or burp him – all to wake him up and bring his conscious awareness back to sucking on his bottle. Since we started doing that, we’ve noticed an increase in spitups and regurgitations. Obviously not a desirable outcome. The final straw today was his second ever bout of projectile vomiting (this time all over Emily) – SHOCK!!!

So…our solution was to stop pushing him. He now consistently eats 50-65ml and has developed the habit of waking himself up every 2-2 1/2 hours instead of sleeping 3-4. This is still acceptable in the minds of the nurses and we’re all much happier for the change in plans!

Today was also the day that Sam got to try out his car seat for the very first time! The hospital wants to see babies able to sit upright in a carseat for an hour without desat-ing before they will discharge the infant. The obvious reason for this is that he has to be able to tolerate the ride home without having any problems. The danger that babies face is that, because they’re still so weak, they can’t pick themselves up when their heads slip forwards and their airway becomes blocked – clearly not a desirable situation. Sam passed the test with flying colors. He sat there like a champ for 10 minutes, decided he didn’t really like it there and fussed for a while – at which point the nurse put some warm blankets on him. That did him in! He slept the rest of the time. Check out the picture…AWWWW….

Okay, it was AWWWW, not AWE. So sue me.

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