Caringbridge Update

Yesterday was extremely disappointing.  Sam’s nurse practitioner called at 6 am to tell us that Sam had fed extremely well overnight and that he’d be coming home in a few days.  We were thrilled.  But then Sam had a day full of mediocre feedings.  He was really tired and I started to wonder if we’d made a big mistake.  It didn’t help that Sam’s nurse for the day (not one of his usual nurses) made it clear that she thought Sam had no business being fed on-demand.  She reminded me all day that he wasn’t taking in enough milk and that he’d lose weight because of our little experiment.

We came into the hospital this morning fully expecting that Sam would be off of on-demand feedings and that it would be weeks and weeks before he could come home.  But, surprise!  Sam gained weight yesterday (only 8 grams, but it’s something), and he had a good night of feedings.  We were asked to room in with Sam tonight and we’ve been given a tentative discharge date of Thursday.

Now, even though there is a discharge date set, there are still some hoops that need to be jumped through.  First, Sam needs to gain weight today and tomorrow.  He drank a lot of milk today, so I think there is an excellent chance that he’s gained some weight.  We’ll know around 9 or 10 tonight.  Second, he cannot have any respiratory episodes.  One respiratory episode would set us back a full week.  Finally, he needs to pass a car seat test.  He’ll sit in his car seat for an extended period of time while hooked up to his monitors to see if he can keep his oxygen saturation up.

So things are looking up!  It’s been a great day.  The only complaint we have is that, due to construction, the parent room-in rooms are not available.  Sam has been moved to a small private room.  There is a chair that folds out into a bed for a parent, but we can’t both stay tonight.  Dave is taking his last day of work tomorrow, so I’ll stay tonight and take care of Sam throughout the night.  We’ve been promised a bigger room for tomorrow night.

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