Caringbridge Update

We’re not sure if we’ll be able to room in with Sam today.  There’s some construction going on near/in those rooms, so it entirely depends on how quickly the construction crew finishes up.

I just finished feeding Sam, and it is clear right now that he is not taking in enough milk.  He was getting 25 ml/hour yesterday, and so far he’s only taken in 15/hour since midnight today.

Before going to this on demand feeding schedule, Sam was offered a bottle 3-4 times per day.  He would drink as much as he could in 30 minutes, and then the rest of it would be fed to him through his feeding tube.  He always got 8 feeds per day.  The ones that weren’t by bottle were given through the feeding tube.  Now he can only be fed when he wakes up and asks for it.  He can drink as much milk as he wants.  Nothing is given to him in a tube.  We only wake him up to feed him if it has been 4 hours since his last feeding.

Sam needs to learn that drinking milk makes his hunger go away and that when he feels hungry he needs to wake up and let someone know.  I think this will be a big challenge for Sam.  He’s a great sleeper and he really only cries when you poke him with pointy objects. I sat in his room today and thoughtCome on!  Wake up and cry!  Cry! Cry! Cry! He didn’t cry, but he kind of groaned and stretched.  I decided that was enough and did his feeding.

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