Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

As I type, I’m sitting in our dining nook at the table, staring at the beauty that snow always lends to the most mundane of sights.

As you might have read, Seattle received 4-5 inches (my estimate) of snow yesterday. Before we received the brunt of this winter storm, I thought Satellites were ridiculous. Wednesday, the weather men were predicting 2-3 inches of snow. Every school district in the sound canceled classes (except Seattle U, of course). We didn’t receive a single flake of snow. The collective paranoia of Seattle worked to give kids a free day off school, in spite of any compelling reason to do so. Then yesterday happened.

Between 3:00am and 3:00pm we received that 4-5 inches that I mentioned earlier. The roads instantly iced over. What I hadn’t quite understood is that Seattle has absolutely no salt trucks or anything else to help them manage icy conditions. Not a single one. For a hilly city like Seattle, that can be crippling. All buses went into a snow-route mode where they avoided any and all hills. Fortunately, it seems that most Seattleites know to avoid the roads (at least, I didn’t witness any accidents, though I’ve heard of quite a few and you don’t have to wait *too* long before seeing a car drive by with some sort of damage). Unfortunately, the adjusted bus routes and general…crappiness…of the bus’s web site conspired to strand most commuters. (If you’re reading this and work for the county, I’d be interested in consulting to fix your piece of junk web site, please contact me – I’d be willing to offer generous rates.)

In spite of the widespread chaos, Seattle U remained open. Well…it remained open long enough for me to walk the 4 miles in to the office, get situated, and start focusing on my daily tasks. With uncanny timing, it was at that point that Father Steve threw in the towel and acquiesced to the inevitable, closing campus. So I spent another 1 1/2 hours, making my way home, just to start back into my daily workload. That’s right, my friends, even though the university shut down; even though, untold marvels of beauty laid not a yard from my nose, out the window, I had to continue to work. Ah, the tragedy! Not only that, but when the university announced that they would shut down today as well, my director tacked on a note, that we were to make progress on our projects!

All was not pain and suffering, though. At least I had natural sunlight to work by and a loving wife to prepare my coffee…

Oh…and if you’re in the mood, check out this little video put together by my pastor relating to the Seattle Snopocalypse of 2008.

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