Obama vs. Mccain

I’m doing an election project with one of my classes of international students (not immigrants). The students are creating their own political parties and preparing for debates. They know astonishingly little about our election. That’s not a criticism; I never really kept up with thai politics before we had that military coup. It’s just that, being election season, I was surprised that my students had never heard of john McCain. They HAD heard of Obama, but they really didn’t know anything about him.

We’ve been talking a lot about the major issues, so today I had them all take a quiz at http://www.whoshouldivotefor.com. It was eye-opening for many of them. Of course, everyone expected to find out that their ideas were the same as Obama’s, and most of them did. A third of the class found out that they should vote for McCain though, and the horrified looks on their faces were priceless. One of them insisted that his result was a mistake and took the test again (with the same result).

It’s just not cool to be a 20 year old college student in Seattle and not be rooting for Obama. Everyone around these kids rails against republicans so much that it’s probably easy to get the idea that all republicans are evil. Politics is so much more complicated than people make it sound.

2 thoughts on “Obama vs. Mccain

  1. Well, I have already voted. I would like to take the questionnaire. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t seem to allow the taking of the test right now. Do you have any suggestions?

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