A Contrary Spirit?

When I lived in phoenix, I would tell people that I hated the sun, the heat and the desert. Never would I feel more content and more energized than during one of our infrequent rain storms.

Then, when I moved here, I would tell people that I was way dissapointed that it was sunny and not rainy and overcast. Once again, I would walk into the office, whistling a happy tune whenever the morning was gray and overcast.

Today Emily and I drove to Ocean Shores for a little R&R before the fall term starts for both of us. Today, when we arrived, the air was heavy with fog and a light mist was falling. We took a walk on the beach and soon found ourselves alone and isolated with no sign of any other person on the earth; cuccooned into our little world by the fog and rain.

I couldn’t have been happier.

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