The anniversary celebration – day 1

Many of you will be aware, our first year’s anniversary is Monday. Because we’re still discovering the joys of Seattle, we decided to stay at home and do some of the stuff that we haven’t up to this point.

Well…that was the plan.

Darwin, in her infinite grace, decided to let us sleep in this morning. Now, please understand that I’m not complaining (hear that Darwin!? I’m not complaining!), but it has become her habit to sit in the doorway of our bedroom at 4:00 in the morning and cry and cry and cry. Getting her food doesn’t solve the problem; it’s as if she simply thinks that since she’s up, everybody else should be as well. Anyway, that’s beside the point. The long and the short of it is that we got to sleep in nicely and then relaxed for a couple more hours – to the point that the boat that we were going to take to a local island had left. It was also too late to pack a picnic like we had discussed, too. Instead we got ready and walked down to Seattle Center for the Taste of Seattle festival that is going on this weekend.

<aside>Can I just say that it’s really cool to have this area that is central to all of Seattle that frequently hosts community events, fairs, etc? I love that we can walk 1/2 mile and be in the middle of thousands of people, all enjoying one thing or another.</aside>

So we went to the Taste of Seattle. As we walked along Mercer, I noted that there really weren’t all that many people walking around along the street – I thought it was kind of odd and started worrying that the fair thing wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. Then we turned the corner. All those people whose absence I noted? They were there – and they brought friends. The grounds were packed.

Wading in through the masses of humanity, we were greeted by the sight of row upon row of booths offering every kind of ethnic food available (as well as some good old american food). My stomach was pretty darn grumbly by that point, so we made a beeline to a vietnamese place that was selling chicken on a stick and took our food to the fountain to enjoy the sights. For those of you who have been to Seattle Center, you’ll know that in the middle is a large, sunken fountain. Well, that was spraying away and droves of kids were milling around in the water, having a great time.

After eating we wandered around a bit more and I realized my mistake. Having gotten a full meal at a single stall, I was stuffed and couldn’t endure the thought of eating more food, the sights and sounds taunting my tongue (which was vigorously reproaching my head and stomach).  That being said, though, we had a great time listening to the music, watching the people, doing a little shopping in the Pike Place Market tent fair, and generally soaking up the experience.

Oops…must go. Time to walk down to the grocery store and get some food for dinner.

Oh, by the way, have I mentioned how much we like Seattle?

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