Fun Friday Afternoon

Fridays are pretty easy days for me.  Seattle Central C.C. is closed on Fridays for the summer, so I only teach 1 class on Fridays.  I used my free time today for running some errands downtown.  We almost never drive here because parking is a pain and the buses are so convenient.  So I hopped on a bus after work and went to the downtown driver’s licensing office.  I got my license (yay!) and walked a couple of blocks to the library to return some books.  It was a beautiful afternoon, so I decided to walk over to Pike’s Place Market to get some cherries.  Finally, I hopped on a bus that I thought would take me straight home.  It didn’t.

The buses in Seattle are numbered clearly, but you have to be careful about the ones marked “express”.  They stop at different places.  I didn’t notice that the bus I was on was an express until it was way too late.  I ended up all the way in Ballard.  It was a fun mistake, though, because as I was leaving Ballard, I saw The North American, a fishing boat on The Deadliest Catch (it’s a show on the Discovery Channel)!  Dave’s not as excited about that as I am.  I feel like I spotted a celebrity!

I’m not sure if anyone will be reading this since we haven’t written for so long.  We had intentions of writing about all of our new and exciting experiences in Seattle but then we never got around to it.  Now those new and exciting things are part of our everyday lives, so they don’t seem so interesting anymore.  But sometimes I have really great days (like today) and it reminds me of how much I love living here.  I love it that I don’t need a car here.  I love walking around downtown.  I love it that it is summer and I can comfortably walk around outside in the afternoon.  I love living so close to downtown.  I love looking up as I’m riding the bus and seeing the Sound.  Or the Space Needle.  Even if I complain a lot about our tiny apartment, I’m really happy here.

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday Afternoon

  1. We check your blog often hoping to get a glimpse of your life in Seattle. We were so happy to read about your adventure. We are also glad that you are enjoying the move and the city. I hope you guys write more, it is so fun to read! Love you both.

    Natalie and Mike

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