Chez Castillo – Take 3

Okay, I know that you’re still waiting to hear about the drive, but we’ve had so much fun living in Seattle that reliving the drive out here hasn’t been high on our to-do list. Anyway, one of the things that we like so much about the place that we’re living is the neighborhood. Specifically, we love that so much is in easy walking distance. This morning, we went out to walk to a local coffee shop and decided the spend a little time exploring our neighborhood. 2 hours later we had walked past the base of the Space Needle, all the way down to Olympic Sculpture park, back up along Elliot Bay Park, and then back to our house. In case you’re interested, here’s the Walkscore map of our local area:

One thought on “Chez Castillo – Take 3

  1. hey em, got your message–will call back soon, hopefully sat–crazy week!! what date did you want to do lunch with miss krista?

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