Seattle Here We Come!

Okay, I know, it has been a veritable eternity since we last posted. For that you have our sincere apologies. Suffice to say that we have not been inactive in the 5 months since Emily’s last post. In fact, we have been up to a great deal, but a lot of it we wanted to hold close to our chests until the time was right to tell the world. Well, the time is here!

Some of you know already, but we’re moving to Seattle!


Well…not now, but I’ll be there in 1 week, and Emily will be catching up 3 weeks after that.

Where in Seattle, you ask? Well, we’re not so sure about that. That’s one of my tasks during the few weeks that I’m there on my own; and I’ll tell you, I feel like a kid in a candy store. A whole city sitting there, each area calling out to me – crooning for me to appreciate its distictive flavor and choose to live there. It’s an exciting time!

So for those of you who haven’t heard yet, I have been offered a position with SunGard Higher Education. They’re a technical services company focusing on higher education clients. My role will be as part of the Web Systems team, working on-site at Seattle University. Effectively, I’ll be part of SU’s IT department, working on web stuff.

Emily, in contrast, has a number of offers still floating around in the air. Her career lends itself eminently well to juggling a number of part-time positions, offering flexible scheduling and the ability to work in a number of different environments. Currently, our plan is for her to work at South Seattle Community College in West Seattle (it confused me too, don’t worry). In addition, she has 5 other opportunities to look at to fill in with as semesters come and go.

I’m sure that there will be much more to write about as time goes by and we work through our transition, but I should probably be off and do something productive!

One thought on “Seattle Here We Come!

  1. wow!! congrats you guys! that is so soon! we are excited to have you in our corner of the country!

    a and nate and isaac

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