Fighting with Religious Studies

This was my first week back at ASU.  It was pretty good, except for the confrontation I had with a Religious Studies professor.  I arrived at the first meeting of my Advanced Conversational English class on Tuesday and found that another class was being taught in the room I was assigned to.  Hoping that there was a typo on my class schedule, I called the English office to verify that my class was scheduled to meet in that room.  It was.  I took a deep breath, knocked on the door, and explained to the professor that the room was reserved for my class.  He, in turn, told me that he has been there all semester and that the university’s computer system has a problem and keeps assigning his classroom to other people.  He was very polite, but it was clear that he was not budging from that room.  Luckily, a class had been cancelled 2 doors down, so I took my class into that room for the day.

The next day, my boss told me that the classroom was, indeed, mine and that I needed to kick the professor out if he was teaching there on Thursday.  She put a sign on the door saying that the classroom was reserved for an AECP class and called the professor’s department to get the classroom problem sorted out. I emailed my students to tell them that we would meet in our original, assigned classroom on Thursday. 

When I arrived to class on Thursday, my students were standing outside of the classroom looking in through the window.  One of them said “you need to fight!” and held her fists up like a boxer.  I had been dreading this all day…  I knocked on the door and did my best to be assertive and demanding.  It didn’t work.  The only way to claim the classroom as my own would have been to walk into the classroom and start teaching despite the other class being there.  And I seriously doubt that would have worked.  So we found another classroom for the day and I reported the events back to my boss, who called the campus scheduling office to get it sorted out.

One day later, we found out that the Religious Studies professor was correct.  There was something wrong with the scheduling system and it kept dropping his class.  The scheduling office wanted to put me back up in the Wells Fargo Arena, but my boss persuaded them to put me in the Education department instead (Thank goodness!)

2 thoughts on “Fighting with Religious Studies

  1. Wow, this was an interesting piece. I was on the seat of my chair wondering who would win out. It sounds like a not fun experience. It’s hard to be assertive. We miss you and Dave tons.

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