Getting Used to ASU

I just completed my second week at ASU, and it was much better than the first.  During my first week, I couldn’t stop wondering why anyone chooses to attend school in such a miserably hot place.  Sure, ASU has some nice programs, but walking around campus is horrible!  Why not go to NAU where the air smells good and you can sit outside on the grass and be cool and comfortable?  This week was a little better for me, though.  The heat didn’t get to me as much (maybe I’m getting used to it?!).  Also, I think most of the nightclub-like attire I saw last week was related to rush week for the sororities.  The students seemed more normal this week.

Of course, my problems with ASU have nothing to do with my job.  I love my job!  My students are really wonderful to work with.  I have some great coworkers, and I’m getting used to the pace of an 8-week term.  I’m teaching a lot, and I feel like I’m improving my skills!  So yay!  Life is good at ASU. 

Tonight Dave & I are going to attend an ASU football game.  I hate watching football, especially when it involves sitting outside in September in Tempe.  It’s an American English & Culture Program (that’s the name of my department at ASU) event, and I’m going to earn a point for attending it.  I have to earn a lot of points to keep my job.  So we’re going.  And I’m going to try my best to have fun.

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