Can it be done?!?



This is a map of ASU, the place where I’ll be hanging out every day for the next 8 weeks (and hopefully longer!).  Dave mapped out the locations of my classes for me on this map.  Do you notice any problems?  Take a look at the two red pegs. These are the locations of my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes.  I’ll start these days in the Education building at 8:40 am. Unfortunately, my next class is way over in the Wells Fargo Arena and it starts at 10:40–just 10 minutes after my first class ends!  So is it possible to get from the Education building to the Wells Fargo Arena in 10 minutes?  Dave & I set out to answer this question this afternoon.  We braved the heat and walked all over campus.  First, we walked to my Tuesday & Thursday classes (those are the yellow pegs), and then we walked down to the Education building on the west side of the campus.  Once there, we plotted our route to the Wells Fargo Arena, took deep breaths, noted the time on our watches, and walked as fast as humanly possible to the Wells Fargo Arena.  We got there in 9 minutes. 

So today we learned that it IS possible to walk from the Education building to the Wells Fargo Arena in 10 minutes, but we also learned that it makes you tired and sweaty.  We both needed showers when we came home, and poor Dave is limping around because he got blisters on both of his feet.  I have such a great husband, don’t I?

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