the bed and breakfast experience

Before this vacation, neither of us had stayed at a bed & breakfast.  I always thought they sounded romantic.  Then, last year, after we had made our reservations, I watched a TV show in which the main characters were staying at a B&B.  They were really uncomfortable and were trying to avoid all of the other guests who wanted to chit chat with them.  That made me a little nervous.  I wasn’t so nervous that I wanted to change our Oregon plans, however!

We left the Newport Belle Bed & Breakfast this morning and are now staying in a little cottage in Cannon Beach.  After this, we’ll head to Portland to stay at a resort.  This means that we’re done with our bed & breakfast stays. 

Overall, our stays at the B&B’s were fun and we definitely would stay in B&B’s again!  Staying in a B&B is a little like sharing a house with other people.  There are some common areas, like the dining rooms and living rooms.  Youngberg Hill also had a library and a game room.  We weren’t sure how much interaction to expect with other guests.  On our first night at Youngberg Hill, we decided to head to the game room to see if they had any good games.  We expected to see the other guests there, but everyone else was out.  We didn’t see any of the other guests until the next morning at breakfast.  The breakfast room was set up to encourage interaction.  We sat at tables with other guests, which was a little uncomfortable at times.  I think it was mostly uncomfortable because all of the other people staying there were older people who were wild about wine.  We enjoy wine, but we don’t really know enough about it to hold long conversations about it.  We met some nice people, but it was a little hard to keep coming up with topics for conversation.  There was a lot of talk about how hot it is in Phoenix and how cold it is in Chicago.  We didn’t interact much with others on our first night at the Newport Belle & Breakfast, but by the end of our stay, we were totally into the B&B groove.  We hung out in the living room in the evening reading Harry Potter while the others did their crossword puzzles and played scrabble, and this morning we were sociable at breakfast.  It helped that the people staying at the Newport Belle were more interested in talking about traveling plans than wine.  We got some good tips about where to go and what to do on the remainder of our trip!

By far, the best part of staying at bed & breakfasts is the breakfasts.  We have had the most amazing breakfasts the last few days!  The homemade granola at the Newport Belle was fabulous, and we’re bringing the recipe home! 

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