Teaching again!

About a month ago, I sent my resume out to every school in the Maricopa Community College system.  There are no full-time openings, but the colleges sometimes hire adjunct, or part-time, instructors. Adjunct instructors can teach up to 9 credit hours worth of courses (most classes are 3 credit hours) each semester.  I was offered classes at two colleges:  Estrella Mountain and Phoenix College. 

I’m teaching two advanced listening & speaking courses and one advanced grammar course.  Almost everything about these classes is ideal.  My students are motivated, enthusiastic and fun.  The classrooms at both schools are like a dream!  Estrella Mountain, in particular, is beautiful.  They actually have laptops on the desks for students to use!  Both schools have an abundance of helpful resources, including cool computer programs and useful Audio visual equipment in the classrooms.  My coworkers have positive attitudes and are passionate about teaching.  All in all, I love teaching at both schools!

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