Our Scottsdale Gym

It is 7:07 am, and I just came home from the gym.  I expected to pretty much have the place to myself this morning at 6 am, but it was packed!

Joining a gym was high on my list of priorities when I returned from Thailand.  We did some research on local gyms, and ended up joining Lifetime Fitness because Dave’s company pays part of our membership fee and we didn’t have to sign a contract.  It is also conveniently located right next door to Allied Waste. 

Lifetime Fitness is an amazing gym, really.  Everything is beautiful there.  They have great equipment, including exercise bikes with TVs in them!  In case you’re not into exercising, they also have 2 or 3 swimming pools, a couple of hot tubs, multiple steam rooms & saunas, a restaurant, and a hair salon.  Oh, and they also have valet parking (because it’s in Scottsdale).  Basically, it’s the type of gym we would never belong to if it weren’t for Dave’s job.

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