Apartment Shopping, Apartment Shopping

Dave and I are going apartment shopping today…again. I’ve never looked at so many apartments in my life!  We’re looking to live in North Scottsdale, near Dave’s office.  There are a lot of apartments to choose from there, so it’s taking a long time.  Part of our problem is that we change our minds so often.  We’ll choose one, then start second guessing our decision.  That always leads to more online research.  We go back out and look at more apartments, select a new favorite, and go through the process all over again. Now we’re to the point that we can’t always remember why we decided against a particular apartment complex, so we’re revisiting old favorites.

It doesn’t help that we don’t know where I’ll be working in the fall (so we don’t know which locations will be most convenient for me).  I have my TOEFL job, and I can do that from home, but I really want to be teaching too.

Anyway, wish us luck!

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