Our Scottsdale Gym

It is 7:07 am, and I just came home from the gym.  I expected to pretty much have the place to myself this morning at 6 am, but it was packed!

Joining a gym was high on my list of priorities when I returned from Thailand.  We did some research on local gyms, and ended up joining Lifetime Fitness because Dave’s company pays part of our membership fee and we didn’t have to sign a contract.  It is also conveniently located right next door to Allied Waste. 

Lifetime Fitness is an amazing gym, really.  Everything is beautiful there.  They have great equipment, including exercise bikes with TVs in them!  In case you’re not into exercising, they also have 2 or 3 swimming pools, a couple of hot tubs, multiple steam rooms & saunas, a restaurant, and a hair salon.  Oh, and they also have valet parking (because it’s in Scottsdale).  Basically, it’s the type of gym we would never belong to if it weren’t for Dave’s job.

Apartment Shopping, Apartment Shopping

Dave and I are going apartment shopping today…again. I’ve never looked at so many apartments in my life!  We’re looking to live in North Scottsdale, near Dave’s office.  There are a lot of apartments to choose from there, so it’s taking a long time.  Part of our problem is that we change our minds so often.  We’ll choose one, then start second guessing our decision.  That always leads to more online research.  We go back out and look at more apartments, select a new favorite, and go through the process all over again. Now we’re to the point that we can’t always remember why we decided against a particular apartment complex, so we’re revisiting old favorites.

It doesn’t help that we don’t know where I’ll be working in the fall (so we don’t know which locations will be most convenient for me).  I have my TOEFL job, and I can do that from home, but I really want to be teaching too.

Anyway, wish us luck!

Electric Tennis Rackets

I’ve been missing something from Thailand.  Even though everyone there avoids killing bugs, they have the most wonderful bug-killing tools. I had a little red tennis racket there, and when I pushed a button it would start sparking.  If there was a mosquito in my room, I could hold down the button and swing the racket through the air.  It was so easy!  And effective! 

I started thinking about my old electric tennis racket last night because there was a really noisy bug flying around my room. I tried to squash it with a shoe, but it was way too fast for me.  If I’d had the tennis racket, I could have gotten it for sure! 

Engagement Pictures

Dave & I had a weekend packed full of wedding-related stuff.  We met with our officiant on Saturday morning for our first counseling session.  (We’ll meet with her 3 or 4 times before the wedding to talk about our relationship and marriage).  We both really liked her. She was fun to talk to and seems like the best possible person for us to do our counseling with!

Sunday was filled with apartment shopping and engagement pictures.  Our wedding photographer met us at the Scottsdale Civic Center.  The Civic Center has some really beautiful areas.  We took pictures in front of a big flower garden, laying on the grass, and posing in front of a giant “Love” statue.  We’ll be getting the pictures in a couple of weeks.  We’ll try to post some pictures then!