Still No Nameplate

in_front_of_my_office.jpgI'm back in Phoenix now, enjoying time with Dave and my family.�I'm trying to adjust to the new time and to seeing people�drive on the right side of the street.� I already miss some things about Thailand.�

I didn't get a chance to write anything last week during my mom's visit, so I'm going to be writing some more posts about Thailand.� I have a lot of pictures that I want to write about, starting with this picture. It was taken during my last week at�KKU.�This is my office door, but you'll notice that my name isn't�on it. When I first arrived,�everyone assured me that my nameplate was coming.�They said they had ordered it and were waiting for it to arrive.� It never arrived.� I suspect that they didn't want to spend the money on a nameplate if I was only going to be there for 1 year.� When I didn't renew my contract in October, they probably decided not to bother ordering a nameplate for me. If I had renewed my contract, my name would probably have been on the door.�

Most of the time, I didn't mind not having my name on the door.� I laughed about it a lot.� There were a few moments when it bothered me, though. Sometimes I felt unimportant. But I got over it.

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