Business Class Paradise

I have a lot to write about my mom's trip to Thailand.� We had a great time!� I'll be posting pictures soon.

We're in Taipei right now; we left Bangkok this morning.� The airport was really crazy.� We arrived 3 hours early, and there were a TON of people there.� We had to wait in the check-in line for a long time and when we finally got to the front, there were no seats together for the 14-hour flight from Taipei to LA.� The check-in guy must have felt bad, because we were upgraded to Business class for the first leg of our trip!� It was FABULOUS!� Really fun.� I didn't let myself fall asleep because I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.� But now, sadly, we're about to spend 14 hours sitting in middle seats in the back of the plane. Frown

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