Cooking Lesson

cooking_lesson_002.jpgToday I got a cooking lesson!� I learned how to make som tam and pad Thai. This�is me and Mod shredding the green papaya for our som tam. Mod made a batch of som tam and then let me try.� My som tam wasn't very good.� It was sour and bitter. I'm gonna need some more practice!


I didn't actually make the pad Thai.� Doy's friend (he's the one in the background of this picture) started making it. Then his neighbor (the one cooking in this picture) saw what we were doing and decided to take over.� We were lucky that he did, actually!� He's a former chef and makes GREAT food.� He was very nice.� He asked what Thai foods I like most and offered to teach me how to cook all of them!� I'm not sure I have time for that, but I would love to get another cooking lesson!


Here's the finished product!� Only a little of the som tam in this picture was made by me. Oil, the chef, made another batch for us!

You can see more pictures of my cooking lesson here.

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